If you ask someone about a four-poster bed, there’s a good chance that they will say something about the beds that royalty slept in back in the days of Queen Elizabeth the first, and Shakespeare! Whenever you see any film or series from that time era, you will normally see this kind of bed that people slept in. But the question is, what exactly is behind the design?

A Cool Design

As you’re probably aware, four-poster means that there is one post in each corner, and usually ornamentally capped at the top.

  • This type of bed was designed originally to hold a canopy, from which long curtains would hang and fully surround the bed on each side, giving the sleeper privacy and good protection from draughts and insects.

 Although the original design was made with particular uses in mind, the modern four poster bed nowadays is a beautifully made nostalgic piece of furniture that adds a very traditional look to a bedroom.

And Classy Also

In spite of the fact that there are remnants of the originals in use in a small number of modern canopy four-poster beds, nowadays the most favored design is a bed with four elegant ornamental posts, all capped with a decorative ball top.

  • Canopy beds, which have rails that connect the posts along the sides and fabric hanging above the bed and/or hanging from the rails, are also classed as four poster beds and both styles are considered both romantic and classical.

From the traditional to the colonial, there is a range of different styles of four-poster beds that can be found, all adding a touch of elegance to any bedroom

Typically, the bed will have a headboard and often a footboard, although footboards are not always inclusive depending upon a customer’s wishes.

Adding Elegance to Any Bedroom

And even though these days, protection from the likes of draughts and insects is no longer a problem, many folks still love the aesthetic decorative elements of four-poster beds. They can be both feminine and masculine in design, which makes them perfect even for a child’s bedroom also.

Although these beds in the traditional style are indeed popular, there are now more modern designs available with slimmer, sleeker posts to bless any modern bedroom’s interior furnishings.

  • If you wish to remove the canopy, leaving only the posts, many have found this style alone to be most pleasing and if they wish for a change can always put the canopy back into place.

Anyone who is is seeking such a classy type of bed is well advised to deal with a reliable retailer who has top-quality products at a cost-friendly price.

The Perfect Design, Just for You

Whatever design or style you fancy for your bedroom, there is a four-poster bed out there right now, which is waiting just for you. Sweet dreams!