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Upgrading your living space/workplace to high-class standard furniture in Dubai is a dream, but their expensive range has become a nightmare. Whatever you’re looking for, from room furniture to kitchen furniture or indoor living space furniture to outdoor living furniture  WoodGreen gives you unlimited access to an extensive range of furniture with long-lasting and strong wood, chromatic colours, unique hardwood frames, and 100% premium fabrics.

Rattan Furniture Online

When it comes to choosing furniture for outdoor living space, Rattan jumps into your mind, specifically when you are a resident of Dubai. With its incompatible qualities, Rattan furniture stands on the top of the list for outdoor furniture. Its natural and synthetic texture is equally suitable for indoor furniture. Greenwood offers you a good range of Rattan furniture. Let’s have a look at them.

Natural Rattan Webbing

Natural Rattan webbing chair is one of the most sold items from the rattan furniture collection. These simple yet elegant chairs need less space and are easy to move. Natural Rattan Webbing chairs used cane webbing in French and traditional hexagon patterns.

Natural Rattan Webbing Chairs

These elegant Natural Rattan Webbing chairs are the best option for outdoor dining. Machines design them with premium quality cane webbing in hexagon carvings.

Natural Rattan webbing occupies minimal space and gives your garden or outdoor spaces a rustic look.

Perhutani Teak Natural Doff + Natural Rattan Radio Webbing

This Perhutani Teak Natural doff is an example of a traditional webbing chair. Made up of cane and gives an organic tone to your farmhouse furniture. This brown colour Radio webbing chair is perfect for comfortable sitting.

Rattan Cane Webbing Roll

Rattan Cane Webbing Roll used for furniture making. They are highly demanded in the market for DIY ideas to make furniture at home—herringbone rattan mate used as cabinet doors.


Question No. 1

How can I buy Online Furniture in Dubai?


Finding online furniture services in Dubai is never easy as there is a storm of random furniture stores on the internet. That makes it challenging to choose the best. To avoid these hurdles, WoodGreen is a one-stop shop where you can find an extensive range of inventory quality furniture. To buy your desired furniture in Dubai, click here. This single click will take you to the world-class furniture shop that keeps your budget safe.

Question No. 2

What Makes Rattan Furniture Different From Others?


With its natural cane webbing, Rattan Furniture is the best in summer. Rattan furniture is less heavy than ordinary furniture. Due to its eco-friendly perk, it is a “green” option to enhance the beauty of your living space.

Singing Off

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