If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you live in a city that is rich with design choices – from contemporary styles to timeless looks, your options are almost endless. But not all retailers are created equally – the best advice is to find one with great offers on modern furniture, deluxe delivery, a commitment to delivering quality, and a show-stopping selection.

The first step toward redesigning your home is your basic, foundational furnishings: the most basic elements include a table or desk, cabinets and shelves, and most importantly, your seating. When you’re looking to update the seating in your home, don’t forget that you’re not just concerned about aesthetics; you have also to make sure it’s comfortable.

That’s why visiting an online store like bestsofacovers.com is a must when you’re shopping for sofas, armchairs, and sectionals. When you shop locally, you can go to the store, look at the quality, and, most importantly, try it out yourself.

A lot of designs stores come and go from the city, but staying power truly is a sign of a retailer’s quality and commitment to their clientele. If you believe that years in business are a measure of trust, there is one store that has proven itself an anchor of the furniture industry in the Greater Toronto Area. Since 1948, The Chesterfield Shop has been furnishing homes in Toronto with well-made, quality sofas, armchairs, and sectionals. That’s six decades of scouring the world’s furniture markets for great designs and materials and providing great quality goods for Toronto and surrounding areas.

Independent stores in Toronto offer a great range of ottomans, recliners, sofas, sofa beds, and theatre seating. Take the hassle out of upgrading your furniture and go with a company like The Chesterfield Shop that can offer premium delivery, care, and maintenance advice, as well as help you pick out the piece that will fit your home. They don’t just serve the GTA, they also deliver across Ontario, even to cottage country, making it a reliable option for Muskoka redesigns. If you’re impatient to outfit your home with its new look, consider getting next-day delivery.

Environmentally-conscious consumers may also want to consider buying cushioning made from seed-based oils rather than fossil fuels. The move toward green seating is pushing the furniture industry away from fossil fuel dependence while recycling programs are also diverting used sofas and chairs from landfills that are quickly reaching capacity. Soybean-based cushions are available at your local Chesterfield Shop furniture store, just make sure to ask about them.

Shopping locally doesn’t just give you access to higher quality products and better customer service, you’re also helping the local economy. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, there is a significant difference in how money gets recirculated in your home depending on whether you make your purchase at a big chain or a hometown independent. Only 14% of the money from a purchase made at a chain stays in the regional economy, while when you buy from an independent business, 48% of that money gets recirculated locally. When you decide it’s time to upgrade your home, support your local economy at the same time.