A more and more organized, optimized, and smart cooking corner foreseen by the kitchen furnishing trends for 2018, but also increasingly connected to the living room, inspired by urban and industrial atmospheres, to be lived not only during food preparation but performing in terms of materials. In short, the kitchens of the next future will not only be rooms with functionality but real protagonists of the modern home.

With increasingly open and connected living areas in which living, dining room and kitchen area constantly dialogue without visual barriers, the kitchen envisaged by 2018 furnishing trends must reflect a very precise aesthetic taste, but above all in line with the style of the living room. The contemporary kitchen design is among the most appreciated styles, for its ability to be functional and, at the same time, to express a taste for modern design, made of neat and well-organized spaces.

The kitchen thus becomes an integral part of the living room, as a space not only dedicated to functionality but also beautiful to see and experience at 360°.

A kitchen that is increasing “insight” what furnishing trends reserve for 2018: the inspiration comes from the most cosmopolitan markets and bistros of the most advanced international capitals where the diversity of foods, spices, and jars of every genre juxtaposed to each other in an orderly manner literally furnishes shelves and shelves without doors. Different colors, types, and fragrances will therefore make the kitchen the lively and sparkling protagonist of the home.

Among the latest furnishing trends for the kitchen are also counted tops or worktops in high-performance materials with self-cleaning and antibacterial technology such as some large-format porcelain stoneware, nanotechnological surfaces, and last-generation sintered stones, followed by quartz and marble, which are considered as very valid alternatives to the classic laminate.

The new furnishing trends for the kitchen are clear: winning on the front of the colors is a neutral and delicate color palette that prefers gray, cream, and dove gray both on the furnishings and on the wall coverings, even if in the pattern.

Steels, exposed pipes, technological hoods, metal effects revisited in a lux, tools hanging from the wall, and vintage-style faucets: the trendy kitchen of 2018 will be enveloped in a strong industrial atmosphere of irresistible charm.

We do not neglect even the accessories, first of all, the lighting. The pendant lamps are in fact among the most quoted elements to enhance the contemporary kitchen design, to be chosen carefully.