There are many situations where you may get locked out of a home or a car. Everything seems to have keys. Homes often have different locks on each door, with another one on the garage door. It is a wonder most of us keep up at all. The many keys in your life can cause an issue when your keychain goes missing, a key falls off somewhere unknown, or keys get locked inside. Here is a quick rundown of what to do when this happens.

Call Immediately

Once you have checked on other ways to enter the home or car, it is time to call for help. When you are sure there is no other way in, get a locksmith on the phone. Most locksmith companies have at least one employee making the rounds in the middle of the night. The call needs to be made quickly so that the locksmith can be on the way. If you are stuck somewhere and it is late at night, you may need to go inside a building until the locksmith arrives. In some cases, it may be safe to stay in the car.

  • Call right away
  • Wait in a safe place
  • Have your information ready. This may include things like your driver’s license or insurance papers.

Your New Keys

When the locksmith arrives, they are going to assess the situation. They may need to install an entirely new lock. Your new keys are handed over to you at the end of the process. Be sure to keep your old ones if multiple doors on your home still use them. The locksmith is likely to only give you one new key. Head out to have copies made, as soon as possible. There are some great options for locksmith services in Newark.

Take the time to assess the situation and make sure you can’t enter your home or car through another avenue. Call as soon as possible and wait for the locksmith in a safe location. You can have copies made of your new key at the hardware store. Be careful with your keys in public places, as many times these services are needed due to lost items.