Structurally speaking, the roof is one of the most important components of your home. Without the protection of a solid, well-constructed roof, your home might suffer and become structurally unsound. In the worst-case scenario, a poorly constructed roof can even cause your home to catch fire. If you think that your roof needs to be repaired, it may be time to contact a professional.

How Do I Know When I Need a Professional?

There are several signs that a roof is in need of repair or, at the very least, an inspection by a professional. Some signs that a roof may have extensive damage are:

  • Missing or cracked tiles
  • Dips in the roof
  • Algae growth

Many contractors should be able to provide affordable roof repairs in Birmingham if you suffer from those problems but they should be addressed immediately. Missing or cracked tiles can allow water to seep in and damage your home. This can harm your walls and ceiling or even cause issues with mold. Heavier leaks, especially if getting into an attic space with wiring, can cause fires too.

A dip in the roof might mean that it can’t drain water and water may sit on your roof after a storm. This can also cause water to damage the roof and get in under the tiles. It could also eventually cause ice dams during the winter, which can damage the inside of your home.

Finally, algae growth means that there is moisture present around your roof. A roof should be clear of algae and other plant life so if it does exist, contact a professional to figure out the roof of the problem.

Why Can’t I Fix it Myself?

Some homeowners, in a desperate desire to save money, might opt to climb on top of their roofs and repair the damage themselves. It is not recommended that anyone do this without proper equipment and safety measures, which are ensured by a professional company. You could end up falling off your roof, causing yourself injury or worse. Additionally, you may miss problems that professionals are trained to catch. Instead, contact a professional because eventually an investment in a new roof will become necessary. Find a company able to install your roof, inspect your roof, and offer expertise on all aspects of keeping the roof of your home in top shape.