It is a sure bet that most people don’t think too much about the health of the roof over their heads. Year after year, the average roof keeps out rain, snow, wind, and sun. This daily exposure to such weather conditions takes its toll on the roof and can cause damage as a result. One of the challenges is that many homeowners and tenants simply don’t pay enough attention to their roofs, but it is not a good idea to ignore the warning signs of a roof problem.

Looking for the Warning Signs

So, what signs should you be aware of that could indicate that you need to call a local company that specializes in roof repairs in Canberra? Consider the following signs:

  • Moved tiles: If you see that any of the tiles are moved, dislodged, or even cracked, it’s definitely time to consider calling an expert roof repair company. As popular as roof tiles are, they will become damaged over time, and any cracks can become more problematic if left unrepaired. In some cases, the tiles can be dislodged by storms and wind, creating a place where rain can enter the roof space, causing all sorts of other problems within the
  • Guttering: The guttering allows for rainwater to be directed from the roof into drain pipes that carry it away from the home. One of the most common problems occurs when organic matter such as leaves and other materials become lodged in gutters and form a partial or full blockage. In these cases, it will become much more difficult for the rainwater to be directed to the drain pipes, and as such, the water will simply pool in the gutter and against the fascia and the roof. Over time, this pooled water will rot and damage the fascia boards and can even cause additional damage to the roof, creating weak points where cracks and holes can occur.
  • Dripping: If you notice the tell-tale sound of raindrops hitting your ceiling, this is a sure sign that you need to call out an expert roofer. The problem is that all of this rainwater entering a roof through cracks and holes can damage insulation, harm electrical wiring, and rot wooden roofing battens. Dark circles on the ceiling are also an indicator that rainwater is pooling on the roof and causing damage.

Calling in the Experts

The fact is that if you notice a problem with your roof, whether it involves the fascia boards, the guttering, a dislodged tile, or raindrops hitting the ceiling, it’s important call out an expert roof repair company to assess it. Neglecting the signs could mean that further damage is done and that subsequent repairs are much more expensive as a result. What regular family budget could afford that?